Finishing Products
Natural and effective
Our finishing products of wood are suitable for painting the wood in general, from wooden floors to wooden beams. Choose from the menu on the right the product that best meets your needs.

The products are divided into products where the vehicle is oil or water, and the dry residue are, for the most part, the tree resins that guarantee the protection of wood.

The dyes of the products are earth colors, natural and stable to light, for example "Terra di Siena" from Italy or "Terra Ombra" from Cyprus. Water-based products are made from resin and demineralized water, without any additives or preservatives added. The oil products are made from vegetable oils such as tung oil or soybean oil, in addition to the resins.

It born as a product for the finishing of wood flooring but it is also used on furniture and can be used on any raw wood. It gives the wood a natural and real effect. The production is very high compared to common oils on the market: about 50 m² per liter. Excellent resistance to stains.
Available in transparent, white, super-white, walnut, black, red color.

Use it for the maintenance of wood floorings treated with natural oil or urethane oil. Regenerate treatment.

It is a cleaner. It is used for cleaning the old grey wood or ruined wood exposed to rain (outdoor beams, balconies, windows, doors, wooden terraces, etc..) that are gray because of the wear of time or with ruined paints. Show up he natural oxidation of the wood giving to the wood itself an "antique" effect. It is better than the blasting operation that removes the oxidation of wood.
In the pictures: beam and fir bead mildewed, comparing before and after treatment with PalioBreak + PalioZeta. official
To the left there is an old fir beam treated with PalioBreak: the greyness original has disappeared and has emerged the color of the oxidized wood. To the right larch wooden planks before and after treatment with PalioBrek.

Impregnating agent for interiors,revives the wood. Suited for rough and never treated wood; restoration of old beams, it also nourish and protect the wood previously treated with Paliobreak. Also suitable for new wood or old lived.
Available in transparent colors, walnut, white.

White effect on wood. The product is obtained with distilled water and resins of trees, without biocides, petroleum resins or additives.Suitable for beams, can be used as a primer to give the wood a white color. After PalioWhite you can apply PalioZeta White in order to give the protection of the wood.

Product with water and resins of trees, without any biocide or petroleum resin or derivate. It can be used as a first coat on wood to keep the effect of "raw wood" and a little protection to the wooden support.
For interiors wooden beams and beads.
Chestnut wood.
PalioNeutro PalioNeutro

Product with water and resins of trees, without any biocide additive resin or petroleum derivate. It can be used as a first coat on raw wood to give the desired color, after the color can be fixed with trasparent Resinolio or PalioZeta. The color is obtained with earth colors, natural and stable. We do not use synthetic dyes or oxides.
Available in walnut, dark walnut, red, yellow, black.

To protect the wooden beams, windows and doors, for the restoration of old woods. Paliozeta is thicker than the Paliovit and provides greater protection, suitable for wood placed outside.
Available in transparent, white, super-white, walnut, black, red color.

Suitable for heads of wooden beams or supports: the high content of vegetable resin blocks the absorption of moisture.